Our Tours of Mexico City and Cultural Experiences

Tour name Description Price
Mexican Flavors: Cooking class and market combo Buy cooking items, discover a market and learn how to cook a traditional Mexican dish. $40usd
Mexico City Street Food Tour of the big 7 Taste the big 7 in one day: tacos, quesadillas, tamales, mole, enchiladas, chiles, and tequila! Discover the food culture of 2 of the most iconic areas in Mexico City: Colonias Roma and Condesa. 40usd
Condesa and Roma Nightlife and Culinary Tour with mezcal Discover the top spots of colonias Roma and Condesa, enjoy the food and try Mezcal!. 40usd
Mexican Candy and Pinata Workshop Disover how to make Mexican candies and desserts and a Mexican pinata! 40usd
Teotihuacan Aztec Ruins History Tour with lunch in an lave cave Discover an ancient culture with an expert archeologist. 95usd
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Life Full day tour Discover the life, art and legacy of the most famous Mexican artists of all time. 70usd
Mariachi and Cantina night tour in Garibaldi with Wrestling Enjoy an amazing Mexican night full of entertainment! 70usd
Downtown hidden hotspots tour with culinary market lunch Enjoy lunch at Mercado la Merced and visit the best spots in Mexico City downtown. 70usd
The Papaki Bus Discover Mexico City by travelling in our top rated attraction bus!. $40.00
Day of the dead downtown Bond tour Enjoy the day of the dead at an Amazing hot spot, get painted as a catrina and feel the James Bond vibe. 95usd
Christmas Dinner and posada with a Mexican Family Enjoy Christmas dinner with a Mexican family, as well as Mexican traditional food. 70usd
Mexico City Magic and Flavour Market Tour Enjoy a journey though magic and flavour in mercados de Sonora and la Merced. 40usd
Visit to a Mexican Hacienda Discover an Hacienda more than 500 years old, its history and the way of living. 95usd