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We offer cheap daily tour itineraries in Mexico City restarting every day and full of activities. Our tours are experiences. Experience our city as locals do, enjoy its food, its secrets, its festivities while learning. From culinary experiences in Mexico City, to tours of the markets and famous experiences like the day of the dead, to nightlife mariachi tours and the most comprehensive tour of Teotihuacan we are here to make your experience one hard to forget and meet people! Our tours offer flexibility in the sense that you can join everyday and dont need to book any accommodation with us, this way you can book your own hotel/ hostel, stay in an Airbnb or with friends and enjoy the city. One of our aims is that you meet other people!


Get immersed into a different culture.

With our tours you will experience travelling in another way and will meet people.

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Cooking, dancing, discover food, rituals and more!

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Our tours allow you to meet people on a weekly basis!

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