Mexico City- Through Magic and Flavours

One of the most interesting and not to miss features of Mexico City is related to its markets! Markets are amazing spaces full of flavors, colors, scents and their own life. In this tour we will explore 3 different makets: La Ciudadela, Mercado de Sonora and La Merced. La Ciudadela is a traditional handcrafs market famous for its colorful Mexican Alebrijes. In Mercado de Sonora, you will see colorful pinatas, wrestling suits, Mexican pottery and handcrafts. Finally, you will experience the world of Santeria: a journey through magic, potions, candles and scents. Afterwards, we will head to Mercado la Merced, one of the most popular Mexican markets for its food offering. La Merced is one of chefs René Redzepis (Nomaa) favorite spots. We will take you on a culinary tour where you will taste different fruits, vegetables (some of which you have never seen before), food, tacos, quedasillas and more!

WEDNESDAYS Tour. Pickup time: 7-7.30am in Santa Fe. 8-9am in Condesa, Polanco, Roma and Centro.

This tour runs every Wednesday. We pick you up from Polanco, Santa Fe, Condesa, Roma and Downtown.

Mexican markets

Tacos, tamales, sopes, huaraches, quesadillas and more are part of the Mexican street food experience. Let one of our guides takes you around and experience Mexican food. Also are you brave enough to put salsa in your dishes?

Tour information

This is one of our most popular tours, we offer this as a group tour and also as a private tour (upon request). We pick you up from Polanco, Santa Fe, Condesa, Roma and Downtown. This is a tour for all ages. Duration is about 4 hours. We require a minimum number of people to run and reserve the right to cancel the tour if minimum is not met. Cost is $45usd per participant.