Mexico City- Markets, Wrestling, Museums, Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Frida, Mariachis ,Aztecs, Xochimilco and Downtown


This weekly join in tour takes you to some of the most iconic attractions, neoghborhoods and activities in Mexico City. The tour takes you to the famous markers of Sonora and la Merced, where you will try different fruits and products as well as have the opportunity to buy ingredients and cook. You will also visit downtown area. The next day, we take you to the world famous Mexican wrestling and a mezcaleria (popular drink shop) as well as to the famous Xochimilco boats, followed by a cultural day in the museums of Chapultepec and anthropology as well as the trendy Polanco area. Enjoy your final 2 exploring the popular areas of Condesa, Roma and Coyoacan, visiting Fridas house, ending your tour with a view of the Aztec pyramids of teotihuacan and mariachis!

2017-2018 Tour Calendar

Tours start every Monday

FLEXIBILITY: Tours dont include housing, you can book any hotel, hostel, stay with friends, family or an Airbnb!


Itinerary: Starts every Monday

This tour starts every Monday. Each day we will meet in a central meeting point, and we will start the tour from there. Tour is for all ages. Itinerary:

Monday: Welcome to Mexico City! At 10am the adventure begins as we meet at the meeting point where we will visit Mercado Sonora and La Merced. The visit will take from 3-4 hours. You will get to taste different fruits, spices, food and "see" how colorful Mexican markets are. You will also experience Mexican potion sellers and magic candles, both related to tradition and beliefs. Lunch included in the market.

At 4pm. Today we will also visit downtown Mexico City. Among the attractions: Bellas Artes, Zocalo, the cathedral and some historic buildings with paintings. We will finalize our day with drinks in a beautiful terrace with an amazing view.

Tuesday: We meet at 9am. Today we will drive to Xochimilco, a popular destination which features colorful boats named "Trajineras". Enjoy a ride in the traditional boats. 4 hours.

We will meet again at 5pm for wrestling. The show is quite colorful and fun. The show has a duration of 2-3 hours. Before the show you will have a opportunity to create your own wrestling mask. After the show, we will visit a popular mezcal shop where you will try one of the most popular Mexican drinks.

Wednesday: We meet at 9am. Today we have a cultural day which includes visits to the world known museum of anthropology where you will learn about the Aztec culture. Afterwards, we will walk to Chapultepec park and visit Chapultepec castle. 3-4 hours.

After lunch, we proceed o Polanco Area. We will start by visiting one of Polancos most popular parks (Parque Lincoln) where you will try different Mexican snacks. We will proceed walking to Mazaryk avenue, one of the main shopping streets in Mexico. After that, you will have time for shopping in Antara shopping center. Finally, we will visit museo Soumaya, one of the most iconic Mexican art museums! 4-5 hours

Thuesday: Today we meet at 9am. We will visit Coyoacan neighborhood first, one of the most popular and traditional neighborhoods where we will visit the cathedral and central area. Afterwards, we will visit Frida Kahlo and Diego Riveras house, a very colorful one where you will learn about their way of living. 3-4 hours.

After lunch, we have a cultural and culinary tour in colonias Roma and Condesa. You will walk by two of the most iconic and Bohemian neighborhoods in the city. We will try different snacks and important buildings. 3 hours.

Friday:We will meet at 8am and drive to Teotihuacan ruins where you will spend most of your morning. The ruins are probably the most popular attraction in the Mexico City area and surroundings. You will have a chance to fill your energy and climb the pyramids of the sun and the moon. After, we will have lunch in a lava cave!

As today is your final day, we will meet at 5pm. We will first go to a traditional restaurant/bar where you will listen to mariachis (food is not included). We will end the day with a visit to a traditional Mexican cantina in downtown where you will have a drink included. 2-3 hours

*** When there is a special festivity like the day of the dead, Independence day or 5 de mayo we will have an activity on that day accodingly.

Whats included

- Food and drink tasting in the markets and where indicated

- Tickets and entrance fees

- Transportation where needed

Not included:

- Accommodation

- Extra services not mentioned

Tour information

Our tours start every Monday. Please note these tours do not include accommodation. The tours are intended for tourists visiting Mexico City for a week or more. Mostly those who want to meet other people and get to know the city at the same time.

Tours are in English. We also offer the itinerary in Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi , French, Spanish and Italian for private groups.

Participants will be asked for their whatsapp contact number in case of available to stay in touch with other participants throughout the week and organize other activities.

The times in the itineraries are a sample and might be modified by different factors such as weather, client location, etc.

The way the tours work is that each day we will meet in a central meeting point and from there we will start the tour. All meeting points are accessible by public transport, easy to get to and in Polanco, Roma, Condesa areas. These are decided based on convenience and where the participants are staying.

Meeting points in Condesa, Polanco, Roma and downtown.

PRICE IS $400usd for the whole week per person.