Some of Your Questions

  • When should I sign up? Are the tours offered in English?
  • Can I start a tour on a different day from Monday or do a day only? How do the tours work everyday?
  • What is the advantage of booking these tours? Can you help me find accommodation?
  • Are these tours for all ages? Can I book privately for a group/ company or college?
  • Which language are these tours offered?
  • Can you help me find accommodation?
  • Can I book for a group or a company?

We recommend you to sign up as soon as you want to take the tour to organize a group and to guarantee your space. The tours are all offered in English. For other languages you can book in a group and we will have a guide offer the tour in your language.

Our tours start on Monday and run for a whole week, the aim is for the same group of people who met on Monday to interact for the whole week and have activities together.The way the tours work is that each day we will meet in a central meeting point and from there we will do the tour. All meeting points are accessible by public transport, easy to get to and in Polanco, Roma, Condesa areas.

The advantage is that our tours have flexibility in the sense that we dont offer accommodation. Thus, if you are staying with family or in a hotel/ hostel or rent an Airbnb you can join the tours any Monday, you are not forced to book accommodation with a tour operator. Yes, we can help. We recommedn booking accommodation in Polanco, Condesa, Roma, Reforma or Downtown areas, in that order.If you need help we can assist you finding an Airbnb or hotel/ hostel. Also, many of our clients are visiting family relatives