Tasting Chilled Chilean Wine

If you will look at the South America map, the Andes mountain range will probably catch your eye at once. And the proud country to live besides them, ashore the Pacific Ocean is Chile. And boy, do they make a great wine! Basically, I try to discover as many new countries as possible. That is the reason I'm now covering magnificent Chile. Santiago is a true wonder. A magical city. It is best enjoyed while sipping an afternoon espresso and watching the Andes mountain range lit up with bright sun rays... Friday afternoon was gloomy, though. As were the monumental government buildings in the city centre. But I was soon at the Plaza de Armas and it made me a bit more cheerful.

This square was full of people enjoying the free entertainment galore. Like an elderly musician doing a trick, spectacular in its simplicity; makeup artists painting little girls and turning them into cats and tigers; a comedian asking me where I was from, then made a joke. The funny thing is that everyone laughed at the pun, which I didn’t quite get, as it was in Spanish...

I also tried some popular street food: nearby, 500 pesos got me a small mote con huesillo. These are cooked wheat kernels in chilled peach nectar juice with tasty slices of dried peach.


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