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Mexico City Tours Itinerary




You can join our tours any day as per the schedule below!

FLEXIBILITY: Tours dont include housing, you can book any hotel, hostel, stay with friends, family or an Airbnb!If you want you can SAVE BY BOOKING A PRIVATE TOUR and then you can do the tour any day you want!


Weekly tour schedule for join in tours. Book a private tour for your party to do the tour any day you want!

Activity name Description
MONDAY: Colors of Mexico: Frida Kahlo and Mexican colors full day tour with Xochimilco Discover the life, art and legacy of the most famous Mexican artist of all time as well as our colorful city. $65usd join in, please check tour page for private tour prices.
TUESDAY: Wrestling and do your own mask experience! Feel like a local wrestler, make your own mask and have a great time at the lucha libre! $45USD.
WEDNESDAY: Mexico City Markets and Culinary Tour Enjoy a journey though magic and flavour in mercados de Sonora and la Merced, and visit la Ciudadela.$45USD.
THURSDAY: Day of the Dead Cultural experience Enjoy the day of the dead experience. Get painted like a Mexican skull, discover legends, the origin of the tradition and filming locations.$40USD.
FRIDAY: Mexico City Neighborhoods Discovery tour We will visit 3 of the most popular neighborhoods in Mexico city: Polanco, Colonias Roma/ Condesa and modern Santa Fe.$65USD.
SATURDAY: Teotihuacan Aztec Ruins History Tour Discover an ancient culture with an expert Aztec guide $36USD.
SUNDAY: Ultimate combo: Zocalo, Bellas Artes, Terrazas, Antropology, Chapultepec park and Garibaldi Discover Zocalo, Mexicos downtown hotspot, Bellas Artes Palace, Chapultepec park, Antropology museum and the top terrace spots and you can end in Garibaldi with mariachis ! $45USD without Garibaldi or $75usd with Garibaldi.